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About Us

Our Company

Torgerson Insurance Service Inc. is family owned and based in Cottage Grove, MN. With over 30 years of experience in risk management for the high net worth, high profile families, and celebrity clients, Torgerson Insurance has the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the insurance field. Of course, experience is nothing without relationship. In addition to Minnesota, we provide our services to clients in California to Connecticut and throughout the country. Tom Torgerson founded Torgerson Insurance Services, Inc. in 2014.

Our People

We understand that the insurance market is often impersonal and unreliable, in response we chose to remain a small team so we can always have a relationship with our clients. Whenever and wherever you find yourself with a question we are one call away at all times. At Torgerson, you can meet and talk with the owner if he is not directly involved with your portfolio. You will be known and cared for on a personal level; that is our promise.

Our Process

When planning your insurance portfolio it is important to be thoroughly informed each step of the way; you should understand your coverage entirely. Educating clients is part of our process; we will involve you by discussing your needs and by keeping you informed and updated. We will make the process as easy and efficient for you as possible while providing the best options and values available. We remain on the cutting edge of news, rates, trends, and events in the high net worth market.

Our Products

We handcraft the best and most complete coverage for our clients because we get to know each of them by name, not a policy number. We offer worldwide asset protection, solving the difficult issues while paying attention to the details, while working with you, our carriers, estate-planning managers, and family offices to keep you covered.

Personalized Services

We are a boutique insurance agency that believes that service is the most important aspect to our relationship. Each client is given full attention. Being able to hear about your family, your collections, or your favorite vacation destinations not only makes our job so much more enjoyable but it also helps us offer expert advice and service. We are always glad to hear from our clients, and we would be glad to take the time to get to know prospective clients as well.

Asset Protection Strategies

We provide handcrafted insurance portfolios for the most affluent in San Diego and beyond.  For 25 years we have found solutions to complex insurance needs protecting the assets of high net worth families and individuals. Your insurance should be built around your needs.  With our artisan approach, we do not simply input numbers we consider every option to find you the best coverage and value. Creating insurance policies is our art; we study your needs and handcraft your policy around them.  That is the artisan approach, the personal approach, the kind of approach lost in big agencies. Let us show you what concierge level service feels like.

More than just Insurance

In the high-net worth realm the insurance needs are complex, but we attend to every detail because it matters. Whatever your “it” is, your art collection, your boat, your properties, or your family jewelry, “it” matters to us. Your assets are not bullet points on a list of necessary coverages, they are our priority. Getting to know you and what you value is how we find the best coverages to meet your needs. We also view our approach as educators. We strive to inform and educate our clients on family safety, wild fire protection, liability protection and the current trends with in the industry.